New Home? Check These Areas Before It’s Too Late

If you just purchased a new home – congratulations! That is a huge thing to accomplish and you have taken a step that some people will never get to take. However, this is also the start of a long-term relationship where the home sometimes feels like it doesn’t give anything back to you. There are some things you may want to get checked as soon as you go into your home – it might seem silly after the home has just been inspected, but there are some things that can be missed in that initial inspection. Of course, these are also some things that can just go wrong after some time.

Make sure to check out the following areas:

The Septic Tank – So You Don’t Have A Mess You Didn’t Make

Can you imagine something grosser than (quite literally) cleaning up someone else’s waste? It doesn’t get much more disgusting than that, which is why you should absolutely think about your septic tank if you have one. Septic tanks pretty much take care of themselves, but if they haven’t been emptied or maintained properly, they can also be a huge mess. Every few years, they need to be looked at, just to give you the peace of mind.

Even if you’ve been in your home for a while, you still probably want to get the septic tank cleaned. Let’s be honest: your own waste is pretty nasty too.

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Make Sure To Check The Foundation

Your foundation is an important part of your home – it is literally what holds it up and keeps everything safe. If your foundation isn’t in good condition, you may need help to get it fixed. This is particularly present in homes that are “flippers” or homes that you purchased for a cheaper price and want to fix. Some of the signs you should look for, according to Budget Dumpster, are sagging doors and windows, uneven floors and ceilings, a musty-smelling basement, cracks in the floors or walls, mold forming in the basement, a chimney that is crumbling, nails popping out of your drywall, and sitting water in your basement. These are all signs that something is wrong – it may not be your foundation, but it could be.

Just Where Does Your Property Line End?

This is a question that many people have when they purchase a home because it is confusing. On some properties, it is quite clear. On others, however, it can lead to years-long fights with your neighbors. You can either go to your local township or city offices and find out what the boundary lines are, or you can talk to the local property tax office to determine your boundaries. You cannot always trust those markers that are in the ground – they are often wrong and can even move due to storms, shifts, and tree roots. There have even been reported cases of people moving them on their own!

How About That Dryer?

If you purchased a home or just moved into a new rental and there is a leftover dryer, you may want to do some maintenance. Dryers are notoriously filled with lint, dust, and debris that can cause fires. Don’t only stop with the lint trap – if possible, look inside of the dryer and try to remove lint that has worked its way inside the actual device. You may also want to check the tubing and lint traps that lead to the outside of your house as well – and then go outside and clean up around the external ports. 

After you do this once, you will likely want to do it on a regular basis or you could have a fire in your home.

Congratulations on moving into a new home – it is now yours to take care of, and that may mean cleaning up some of the messes that people left behind. Don’t worry about it, you will get the hang of everything fairly quickly. Start here and then you can work your way to the smaller details.

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