Overlooked Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Spring cleaning is right around the corner and you should know what that means – it is time to think about the parts of your home that are particularly grimy and gross. You know, the places that you either don’t go all that often or the places that look clean on the surface but you just know that they are really gross. Beyond simply dusting your bookshelves and maybe giving your toilet a good scrub, there are some places in our homes that we are all missing. 

Here are just a few of them:

Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are probably absolutely disgusting. While you can vacuum regularly, you probably aren’t getting down deep enough to do anything that is really helping. You need to get a good, deep carpet cleaning that will go deep down, remove set-in stains, eliminate odours you’ve gone nose blind too, and ensure that the dust and dirt are gone.

Now, the good thing about carpet cleaning is that it is a spring cleaning task that you probably shouldn’t do on your own. Instead, you should call a carpet cleaning company in Rochester, NY (or wherever you are from) to do the work. They have the tools you need to get a truly deep clean that won’t damage your carpets. Even better, they ensure that you get all of that dirty water out so that mold doesn’t develop.

Missed Places In Your Shower

Our showers are all pretty gross, right? While we probably all take the care to wipe down the walls and doors, there are certain things we don’t pay as much attention to when we clean. When was the last time you wiped down your showerhead? How about your shower curtain liner if you have one? These are breeding grounds for fungus and mold, so make sure you do it with something that will cut their growth off.

Another place you’re missing? Your actual shower curtain! Just because it doesn’t get wet and it still looks okay doesn’t mean that the moisture hasn’t gotten to it. You can either clean it yourself, take it for dry cleaning, or just get a new one altogether.

Those Lampshades

Have you looked at your lampshades lately, I mean really looked at them? They probably have a very fine layer of fuzz on them – and that is nasty. It can be difficult to know how to clean a lampshade because of how delicate they are. You obviously shouldn’t use anything wet, but dry brushing doesn’t seem to work that well either. The trick? Use your vacuum! You want to use the attachment that has long fibers in a circular or oval shape.

Make sure that you are gentle with your lampshades, put your hand on the back to prevent any bending as you use the lowest suction level.

Your Pantry Shelves

When was the last time that you went through your pantry shelves? Now is a good time to take everything off of those shelves and give them a good wipe down. You should also check the dates of everything to see whether or not something needs to be tossed. When you put them back in, organize it with the soonest to expire on the outside so that you use it. You can also look for things that you know your family won’t eat and donate them – if you got a bunch of soup at a discount and realized why it was discounted, donate it. Someone will appreciate it and love it as we all have different tastebuds.

Now is also the time when you will see what you need to purchase, and spring has a lot of great sales as it is a slower time for eating.
Remember that spring cleaning is also a great time to spin your mattress so it stays comfortable, clean out your chimney, replace your smoke detector batteries, and ensure that your CO2 detector batteries are still working. Of course, don’t forget about cleaning out some of the “stuff” that you’ve collected over the last year – decluttering makes everyone feel better.

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