Using Green Power in the Home


Running an energy efficient home no longer means you must sweat through the summer, freeze through the winter and only use your lights when absolutely necessary. If you’re environmentally conscious, there are a number of options when it comes to choosing renewable energy plans. By law, energy suppliers must purchase 2-3% of all energy supply from renewable sources. However the government’s GreenPower program gives environmentally conscious consumers further options when it comes to powering their houses with renewable sources.

What is the Green Power Program?

The program was set up to stimulate investment in renewable energy sources. When a consumer elects for a percentage of their energy to be produced by renewable energy, the energy supplier must purchase that energy on their behalf in addition to the 2-3% that they are already required to purchase. For example if you wanted 25% of your energy to be from renewable sources, the energy supplier would have to purchase that 25% of energy on your behalf.
Consumers can elect for anywhere between 10-100% of their energy supply to be generated by renewable sources. While this energy can come at a slightly higher cost, it allows consumers to reduce the energy that is produced from non-renewable coal fire stations sources and to be more energy efficient in the way they power their homes.How much is Green Power?
The additional costs of purchasing green power will vary depending on how much energy you consume, and the percentage of green power you want to use. It is estimated, however, if you purchase 10-25 per cent of GreenPower that your energy costs will go up by as little as $1 per week. To switch to 100% green power, your electricity bill is likely to increase by 80 cents to $1.50 per day.Using GreenPower in the home
It’s important to note, however, that although you are paying for a percentage of energy to be produced from renewable sources, you don’t actually receive green power in your home. Rather, the purchase of that renewable energy on your behalf is absorbed into the power grid. The more people that purchase green energy, the less non-renewable energy sources we will need to use. Demand will drive more renewable energy investment, so the more renewable energy that Australians purchase, the more it will be produced and the more affordable it will become.
If you’re interested in participating in the green energy movement, the GreenPower renewable energy program is a simple yet effective way that you can help change the way energy is produced in Australia. The Australian government is making it easier for consumers to make choices about where energy is sourced from, so if you’re interested in switching your energy contract to include renewable energy, ask your energy supplier about your options and how you can get set up on the GreenPower program today.

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